Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yes, it is time for the round of art shows to start again for the year. However I am not doing as many this year, just concentrating on the big shows. First up is the Western Heritage show in Great Falls the 14th thru the 18th of March one week from now. This show coincides with about 5 other shows in Great Falls, one being the previously known show "The Russell" which has changed name and organizers. Did that show for over 20 yrs. but am now looking forward to being a part of the Western Heritage group. They have run a very successful show for many years also.

I will be showing both my 2 very distinct styles of work, realistic watercolors and semi abstract acrylics. My Aussie rep lets me know that this is not easy to do but having a whole room to display my work and not having to share with another artist we will be able to hopefully make it work. Some art marketers tell the rep not to do this and only focus on one style but at this point in my career I hope people will accept that I am having fun trying something new and will see how it has added more depth to my realistic signature work. At some point I know the rep would like to just have a show for the semi abstract work to see how it would go, but we both think it would ned to be in a much more broad minded area. (we are a bit conservative around here and art tastes seems to run on more of the western/realistic style)

I will have a piece in the lobby show as well as the live auction.

What?       Western Heritage Art Show
When?      14th thru 18th March
Where?     Holiday Inn of 10th Ave, Great Falls, MT
Room?      # 233

One of the pieces I will have at the show. Come see us if you can and keep painting.

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